Play in the Goomy Cup!

You’re invited! Join us for an online tournament on Saturday, November 27th! This will be a Professor’s Theme Deck* format tournament ran through the Oregon Pokémon Discord! Every trainer far and wide has a chance to win digital packs and registration begins now! Each trainer that participates will receive one digital pack of Fusion Strike, post tournament. First place prizing will be digital booster packs PLUS a physical Celebrations ETB that will be shipped, courtesy of Dragon’s Lair card shop!! Don’t forget to invite your friends so we can add more to the prizing and check out the Dragon’s Lair website!


Oregon Pokémon loves raffling!! Before the start of each swiss round, we raffle off digital boosters and even promos! This time around, we have bonuses in celebration of the opening of Dragon’s Lair and almost a year of Goomy Cups!

As we reach each benchmark, we will raffle off the following:

  • 15 Registered Players: 1 FA Celebration’s Professor’s Research (024/025)
  • 25 Registered Players: 1 Digital Tropical Beach card (BW28)
  • 30 Registered Players: 1 FA Celebration’s Professor’s Research (024/025)
  • 50 Registered Players: 1 Digital Tropical Beach card (BW28) – and 1 additional Digital Tropical Beach card for Twitch !raffle

REGISTRATION is a little different this time!! They will be open until Saturday the 27th at noon PDT! To get started, submit your trainer info (including: Name, Discord ID#0000, POP ID, birthday, and PTCGO IGN) via email to . After your information has been received, you will be randomly assigned a primary type and submit a deck list later. Reminder emails will be sent out to players during the week of, if a decklist has yet to be received. Please be sure to check in from 1:30-2pm in the Player’s Lounge voice channel day of, so we can make sure you are on the roster! A POP ID may be found on your Pokémon Trainer Club profile, but if you do not have one, please let us know and we can assign one to you. This ID is used for all official Pokémon play, and is required for making a player entry in a tournament.


Your primary type must consist of 50-60 percent of your overall Pokémon in the deck. Normal and Dragon types will not be assigned, but may be used as a secondary type. – The remaining 40-50 percent of Pokémon must be of a different type of the player’s choosing. You must have a total of two different types, no more, no less. – The type of Pokémon does not limit your energy card usage. – Sets from Sword & Shield base set onwards are legal, including Fusion Strike – Standard-legal Black Star Promo cards are legal- Standard-legal mini-expansions are legal (Such as Champion’s Path and Celebrations) – Rulebox Pokémon, such as Pokémon V, VMAX, V-Union, etc may not be used.- Standard deck-building rules (60 cards, 4 of each name, etc)

Ban List:

  • Rule Box Pokémon

Dragon’s Lair:

For more information, send an email to !