Play in our Online Tournament!

You voted and you’ve selected Little Cup Format!! Join us for an online tournament on February 27th in this fun format ran through the Oregon Pokémon Discord! Every trainer far and wide has a chance to win digital packs and registration begins now! Each trainer that participates will receive one digital pack of Vivid, post tournament.

The first place prize is a physical Darkness Ablaze Booster Box, courtesy of Play Pokémon with Mr. Raichu and Dragon’s Lair!!  Don’t forget to invite your friends so we can add more to the prizing and check out the Dragon’s Lair website!  If we run the tournament with 30 players, we’ll be sure to throw in a surprise item for all players as a lottery giveaway!

REGISTRATION will be open until 2pm on Saturday the 27th! If you would like to sign up and submit a deck list later, you are welcome to! Reminder emails will be sent out to these players during the week of. Please be sure to check in from 1-2pm day of, in the Discord General Chat so we can make sure you are on the roster!

While this may not be the most traditional Standard Format, we are paving the way to more exciting deck building tournaments!  In this format, aside from traditional standard rulings, we have the following

  • Only Pokémon with 100HP or lower are allowed
  • Sets from Sun & Moon – Team Up onwards are legal
  • Standard-legal Black Star Promo Cards are legal
  • Standard-legal mini-expansions are legal
  • Pokémon-GX, V, and VMAX may not be used 
  • Standard deck-building rules (60 cards, 4 of each name, etc)

In addition to cards banned in the current Standard Format, the following cards are also banned in this format:

  • Cards with the attack Mad Party
  • Spiritomb (UNB 112)
  • Reset Stamp (UNM 206)

Dragon’s Lair:

For more information, send and email to !

Darren Halstead