Play in our Online Tournament!

You’re invited! Join us for an online tournament on November 28th! This will be a standard format tournament ran through the Oregon Pokémon Discord! Every trainer far and wide has a chance to win digital packs and registration begins now!

Each trainer that participates will receive one digital pack of Darkness Ablaze, post tournament. The first place prize is a physical Vivid Voltage Elite Trainer Box that will be shipped, courtesy of Dragon’s Lair card shop!!   Don’t forget to invite your friends so we can add more to the prizing and check out the Dragon’s Lair website!

REGISTRATION will be open until 2pm on Saturday the 28th!  If you would like to sign up and submit a deck list later, you are welcome to!  Reminder emails will be sent out to these players during the week of.  Please be sure to check in from 1-2pm day of in the Discord General Chat so we can make sure you are on the roster!


Dragon’s Lair:

For more information send an email to !

See you there, trainers!

Darren Halstead