Play in our Online Tournament!

Here we go again!! Join us for an online tournament on June 26th for our Spoopy Cup tournament through the Oregon Pokémon Discord!  For Spoopy, only Dark, Psychic, and Fighting Pokémon may be used!  Details and rulings, including the ban list will be posted on Saturday, June 5th during League (6-8pm PDT).  The first place prize is still under wraps for now.  Don’t forget to invite your friends so we can add more to the prizing and check out the Dragon’s Lair website. If we run the tournament with 35 players or more, there will be an additional item up for raffle!

REGISTRATION will be open until 11:59pm PST on Friday, June 25th!  If you would like to sign up with your player information and submit a deck list later, you are welcome to.  Reminder emails will be sent out to these players during the week of.  Please be sure to check in from 11:30-12pm day of, in the Discord voice chat, Player’s Lounge so we can make sure you are on the roster!  See you there, trainers!!

Dragon’s Lair:

For more information, send an email to !