Play the Team Challenge with us!

Oregon Leagues are participating in the Play! Pokémon Team Challenge! The Store Qualifiers run from 4 December – 27 February. The Qualifiers will form a team for each store to move onto the next part of the Team Challenge.

From 19 March – 18 May each team will compete in the Store Playoffs! Winning teams will move into the Grand Finale from 18-30 May.

Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare (Sherwood)

Qualifier 1 (Sunday 12/06/20 2:30pm): Champion John Healey IV (Deck Lists)

Qualifier 2 (Sunday 12/27/20 2:30pm): Champion Michael Towell (Deck Lists)

Qualifier 3 (Sunday 1/10/21 2:30pm): Champion David Mara (Deck Lists)

Qualifier 4 (Sunday 2/21/21 2:30pm):

Hobbytown USA (Wilsonville)

Qualifier 1 (Sunday 12/13/20 2:30pm): Champion Eric Brooks (Deck Lists)

Qualifier 2 (Sunday 1/17/21 2:30pm): Champion Megumi (GoomyGumi)(Deck Lists)

Qualifier 3 (Sunday 1/31/21 2:30pm):

Qualifier 4 (Sunday 2/7/21 2:30pm):

Goin’ Gaming (Troutdale)

Qualifier 1 (Monday 12/07/20 5:30pm): Champion Daden Johansen

Qualifier 2 (Monday 12/14/20 5:30pm): Champion Ora Eisenhauer (Deck Lists)

Qualifier 3 (Monday 1/11/21 5:30pm): Champion Seth Kuepker

Qualifier 4 (Monday 1/18/21 5:30pm):

Darren Halstead