Play in our Online Tournament!

You’re invited! Join us for an online tournament on January 23rd! This will be a Professor Cup* format tournament ran through the Oregon Pokémon Discord! Every trainer far and wide has a chance to win digital packs and registration begins now!

Each trainer that participates will receive one digital pack of Vivid, post tournament. The first place prize is a physical Trainer’s Toolkit that will be shipped, courtesy of Dragon’s Lair card shop!! Don’t forget to invite your friends so we can add more to the prizing and check out the Dragon’s Lair website!

REGISTRATION will be open until 2pm on Saturday the 23rd! If you would like to sign up, just submit an email and you will be randomly assigned a type! Reminder emails will be sent out to players for deck lists during the week of. Please be sure to check in from 1-2pm day of in the Discord General Chat so we can make sure you are on the roster!

*Players are assigned a random type upon registration. 50-60 percent of Pokémon in their deck must be of that type. Fairy, Normal and Dragon types will not be assigned, but may be used as a secondary type.

  • The remaining 40-50 percent of Pokémon must be of a different type of the player’s choosing.
  • Sets from Sun & Moon-Team Up onwards are legal
  • Standard-legal Black Star Promo cards are legal
  • Standard-legal mini-expansions are legal
  • Pokémon-GX, Pokémon V, and Pokémon VMAX may not be used.
  • Standard deck-building rules (60 cards, 4 of each name, etc)

In addition to cards banned in the current Standard format, the following cards are also banned in this format:

  • Aerodactyl (TEU 130)
  • Excadrill (UNM 119)
  • Reset Stamp (UNM 206)


Dragon’s Lair:

For more information send an email to !

See you there, trainers!

Play the Team Challenge with us!

Oregon Leagues are participating in the Play! Pokémon Team Challenge!

Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare (Sherwood)

Qualifier 1 (Sunday 12/06/20 2:30pm): Champion John Healey IV (Deck Lists)

Qualifier 2 (Sunday 12/27/20 2:30pm): Champion Michael Towell (Deck Lists)

Qualifier 3 (Sunday 1/10/21 2:30pm): Champion David Mara (Deck Lists)

Qualifier 4 (Sunday 2/21/21 2:30pm):

Hobbytown USA (Wilsonville)

Qualifier 1 (Sunday 12/13/20 2:30pm): Champion Eric Brooks (Deck Lists)

Qualifier 2 (Sunday 1/17/21 2:30pm): Champion Megumi (GoomyGumi)(Deck Lists)

Qualifier 3 (Sunday 1/31/21 2:30pm):

Qualifier 4 (Sunday 2/7/21 2:30pm):

Goin’ Gaming (Troutdale)

Qualifier 1 (Monday 12/07/20 5:30pm): Champion Daden Johansen

Qualifier 2 (Monday 12/14/20 5:30pm): Champion Ora Eisenhauer (Deck Lists)

Qualifier 3 (Monday 1/11/21 5:30pm): Champion Seth Kuepker

Qualifier 4 (Monday 1/18/21 5:30pm):

Oregon Leagues are ONLINE!

Join us for all your Pokemon gaming needs ONLINE! Due to the crazy days we’re living in we’re not able to meet in person, Leagues will be continuing online. Check our calendar for online League times to play Pokemon with us! We will be scheduling times for Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, Pokemon Sword and Shield (Switch) as well as Pokemon GO Raid meets!

Join us for all this AND MORE on our Oregon Pokemon discord channel:

We still miss you all! If you’d like to receive some happy Pokemon mail from Mr. Raichu during quarantine please text your name and address to 971-221-7147. Kids, please get your parents’ permission!

Due to the ongoing public health crisis Pokemon has suspended the 2020 Championship series.( ). The North American International Championship in July and the World Championship in August have been cancelled. Please read the link from Pokemon for more information.

We urge you to remain safe and follow all up to date guidance provided from the CDC and your local health authorities. Please wash your hands practice social distancing.