Event Glossary

When you’re first starting out, the different types of events can get a little overwhelming! Check out this list to get a taste of what each event entails and what we recommend for each level.


Great for everyone! From learning how to play the game to fine tuning your deck for the next big tournament, leagues are the perfect stepping stone in your pokemon journey. (Most leagues are free to attend.)


 Great for everyone! These events are the perfect place to learn how to play in a tournament environment. A basic knowledge of game play will make it easier on you, but these events are casual. Pre-releases will also teach you basic deck building skills. It’s really just a bonus that you get access to cards before they are released for sale in stores and you keep all of the cards you receive in your deck and the packs you open!

League Challenges (TCG)/ Premier Challenges (VGC):

Great for anyone who gets the basics. These are semi-casual events that award the top finishers points to participate in the World Championships. Especially helpful for entry level/novice players to learn how competitive tournaments function and learn more specific rules of game play.

City Championships:

Great for anyone that knows how to play/anyone getting interested in competitive play. These events are typically more competitive, as they award more points to the top finishers, and happen less frequently. A solid understanding of game play and rules will help you in this level of event.

State Championship (TCG)/ Mid Season Showdown (VGC)/Regional Championships:

Great for players that understand game play and rules. States are a step up from City Championships as they award massive points towards the World Championships and have some very serious prizes. Regionals is a small step above that still. That being said, as long as you understand how to play, these events are really fun to participate in; you don’t have to be a competitive player to enjoy it.

National Championships

Nationals is a very prestigious event and your chance to test your skills against players across the country. If you’re planning on playing in Nationals, you have a solid grasp on game play mechanics, deck building, and the rules of the game. You’re sure to encounter tons of very serious players at this event, but at the end of the day, it’s still one big Pokemon party. Constant side-events and excitement from being surrounded by fellow Pokemon fans make this an amazing event to attend.

World Championships:

The World Championship is the most elite Pokemon tournament as it’s an invitation-only event. Only those who have earned enough points throughout the year get to compete for the title of Pokemon World Champ! Even if you don’t earn your invite, however, there are always fun side events and other opportunities for everyone who attends. Hundreds of people gathered together, to compete and celebrate their love of Pokemon is really something else! It’s definitely an experience you’ll never forget.